Guide to Planning Corporate Festive Events for Clients

Positioning of your Company

Determining goals and objectives can have better guidance towards the direction and message that your company wants to send. This goes without saying for all companies regardless the size of your organization. You will be accounted for every single penny spent, so plan your budget without losing sight of your goals and objectives that you want to deliver for the event, in order to be able to justify it.

Understand Your Target Audience

If your clients are expecting a formal and conservative social networking event and you deliver a funky retro night, you’ll be dangerously setting the wrong tone and impression. Managing expectations isn’t difficult, focus on understanding your clients. Here’s a little tip, open up and communicate with your co-workers such as sales or account representatives. Find out who spends the most time engaging with clients and they can better paint a better picture of what is expected from the clients. Planning an event should not only be the responsibility of the events and marketing team but, the entire organization should also be engaged.

Strike a Balance in Branding

Striking a balance to create the right amount of branding without giving an impression of going overboard with the backdrop, signage, invitation cards, and all branding before and during the event. Segregating, identifying, and creating an imaginary flow before execution can help avoid the ‘in your face’ sort of branding. After the event, It is always wise to leave them with giveaways, prizes, or gifts that strongly speak the message of your event and company.

Appointing suitable sponsorship and partnership members should also be aligned with the purpose of the event. Your partners will indirectly pin an image with your corporate identity, so do not compromise but be selective of who you are working with.

Appoint the Right People for the Job

Events are projects that are highly time-sensitive. Logistics, entertainment, AV, and lighting, and printer vendors should be accountable for their own responsibilities and be able to manage independently when you require them to. Babysitting the vendors results in unnecessary lost time that you would rather spend on other matters on hand that are more crucial.

Hire a printer that takes care of all your printing needs, not only that, a printer that is well aware of your corporate guidelines will garner lesser issues and help facilitate efficiency. As the event draws close, everyone will be screaming for your attention. You don’t want to work with a printer that gives you guff! So take your time to vet through your vendors and be sure you can count on them for taking up on the responsibility.

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After every event, the most important or rather the frequently asked question is “How did the event go?”. After an event, results are expected from you. Be prepared and find out the performance tools that can be used to measure the success of the event. Before searching for performance tools, create a list of matrix you deem are most important such as traffic, awareness, and revenue perhaps through your communication channels such as event website, social media, print, email.

After all, what’s not reported upon doesn’t exist!

Be prepared, it’s time to whip out the good old spreadsheet and get kicking!


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