Is Print Marketing Dead?

This question has been buzzing around since digital marketing and advertising have seemingly taken over the realms. The rapid surge of the internet and social media has led many businesses to migrate their marketing efforts to the web because of its cost-effectiveness and the massive exposure that can be reached. But with that said, here are three reasons why marketers who hope to excel in their branding endeavors should not settle only for digital counterparts.

1. It is Tactile (The magic of your five senses)

Who can resist the senses that all human beings yearn for? The sensation of being touched, design with textures, can create an impression. And the smell that can intrigue one’s senses to create an enjoyable experience. Research has shown that reading online can encourage skimming and superficial reading. The massive information and entertainment that are made available on the web can act as a distraction to your readers. We’ve all been there.

Multitasking while reading online news and a couple of hours later you realized that you haven’t actually finished an article because you’ve been too caught up with the latest gossips and trending videos. Print text, on the other hand, had found to have a deeper engagement and it does not magically disappear because of newer information being flashed to you. It is there in your hands, and it has your undivided attention.

2. No longer “traditional”, it’s Personal

Digital counterparts are so commonly used now that print advertisement is gradually taking the spot as a rising star that stands out in forms of marketing. The vast content distributed online and competitive ads banner that is consistently trying to grasp the attention of the online users can create a distraction to your audiences. Print marketing is becoming less cluttered and with strategic content, you can personalize and impress your audience since it is no longer traditional, it will seem like a refreshing concept. you can personalize and impress your audience since it is no longer traditional, it will seem like a refreshing concept.

3. Integration, Two is Better than One

Getting the best of both worlds and getting it right will reward you with cost savings and the effectiveness of your campaign. Be it the new or old world in marketing, which has since then been a blurred line, it is hard to limit yourself to only one method of reaching out to your audiences. The extend of leaning the weight towards digital or print marketing is dependent on your end game between the positioning of your company and your audience. In this modern century where integration plays a key role, what is your next best move and strategy in this game of marketing?

There are undoubtedly certain limitations to print marketing that I will touch on in upcoming articles. But let’s face it, the reality is that print marketing is still alive and kicking, print marketing is here to stay and it is no longer a traditional form of marketing but it has since then evolved. Print marketing is back in the game and not so dead after all.


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