Tie With Clip, Jet/Plain Gray

An elegant necktie completes a formal suit perfectly. Made using premium wool by Ing. Loro Piana & C., this Plain Gray tie offers sophistication for all seasons. Measuring approximately 150cm x 7cm, it features the Swarovski Swan logo on the back, as well as on the tie`s lining. This sophisticated accessory is one of four colorways, each of which comes with a polished stainless steel tie clip that glimmers with a Jet crystal. A simple design with a hint of sparkle, it would make a perfect gift for any sharp dresser.


Swarovski Tie With Clip Collection

  1. Tie With Clip, Jet/Plain Gray
  2. Tie With Clip, Jet/Textured Gray
  3. Tie With Clip, Jet/Plain Blue
  4. Tie With Clip, Jet/Textured Blue

MOQ: 10 with special bulk discounts


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Swarovski Tie With Clip Collection

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