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AIBI Portable UV LED Multi Use Sterilizer

AIBI Portable UV LED Multi-Use Sterilizer is great for disinfecting your items after a day out. With this portable UV sterilizer, you can now kill a plethora of bacteria and viruses that live on your personal items wherever you go. This model is an upgraded version that is effective in killing bacteria and germs. At the same time, it suppresses them from repairing and reproducing by breaking down their DNA. Proven to kill up to 99% harmful bacteria and germs and the process will starts within seconds upon exposure to AIBI Sterilizer.


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  • Model:AIBI UV LED Sterilizer AB-S02
  • Specs: 69 UV LED nodes, uses specialized UV (Ultra-violet) wavelength combining both UVA (invisible Light) and violet-blue light (visible light)
  • Recommended Retail Price (RRP): S$79.00
  • Size: 95mm (width)
  • Powered by Powerbank or USB Port


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