Anomeo Half Moon Large Support Pillow


This therapeutic product is designed in a semi-circular shape, providing comfort and support to different parts of the body, including the lower back, middle back, neck, legs, and knees. Made of high-grade quality memory foam which follows the curves of your back, neck, knees or leg, for maximum comfort. Relieves muscle, hip joint, and vertebrae pain, reduces pressure points, and helps to improve blood circulation.

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  • Semi-circular shape provides comfort and relief to multiple parts of the body
  • Effective positional body support, recommended by experts
  • Ankle and knee support, leg elevation, back and neck relief, and pad for side sleepers
  • Made of premium quality memory foam
  • Pillow cover: 94% polyester, 6% spandex; Inner part: 100%¬†polyurethane
  • Care instructions: washable cover – delicate hand wash

MOQ: 50 pieces