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Capital Gains Studio - Debtzilla Board Game

Capital Gains Studio is a Singapore-based game design and development studio on a mission to inspire learning through simple yet seriously fun ways.  Driven by the principles of fun, social interaction and education, they crack their brains to blend psychology, educational principles, and humor to create tabletop and board games which are simple to learn and entertaining.

Debtzilla is a 2 – 4 player, a cooperative superhero board game that puts you in the nation of the Banana Republic, where the incompetent and corrupt government has unleashed a wave of crime and lawlessness.

You play as an ordinary citizen with a superhero secret identity, working with other superheroes to patrol the streets at night and battling villains.

Debtzilla awaits you and your team as the final boss at the end of the game and defeat him before he can destroy the Banana Republic.

You and your team must learn to manage both your ordinary citizen and secret superhero identities well, in order for you to beat this challenging and addictive superhero board game.

Debtzilla is a silver award winner from the International Serious Play Award and nominated for the iMagination Game Awards for Best Family Plus Game.




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