Custom Round Mousepad


It is great to be different, even in a small way. Round mousepads make that bit of difference, and they are a pleasure to use. You can use them as an advertising space. You can create unique mouse pad designs with your business name, logo, business tagline, etc.

  1. Multiple ready-to-use templates to choose from
  2. Create your own designs online or upload ready-to-use designs
  3. Mouse pad designs in different sizes
  4. Full color printing for all designs
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Custom Mousepad Option A
With 2mm EVA Foam
Estimated Size: 200mm (D)
Printing: 4C x 0C
Post-press: With matt laminate
MOQ: 100
Unit Price: S$4 + GST

Custom Mousepad Option B
With anti-slip and anti-scratch material
Estimated Size: 200mm (D)
Printing: 4C x 0C
Post-press: With floor laminate
MOQ: 100
Unit Price: S$5 + GST


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