Jabra Evolve2 Buds


Professional, pocketable calls. True wireless earbuds engineered for hybrid working.

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Beyond the office

  • Pitching from the kitchen. Calling from the co-working space. Fitting the status meetings around the daily dog walk. With the right technology, you can work wherever your day takes you.
  • Evolve2 Buds are your portable, pocketable, ultra-convenient slice of office life, when the actual office is nowhere to be seen. Everything you need to make the most of this ‘working on the go’ business, packed into a pair of tiny true wireless earbuds.


Switch it up

  • You’re mid-Monday-morning-meeting on your laptop when your mobile rings. Ignore? Leave your team meeting? With advanced Bluetooth Multipoint, you don’t need to choose.
  • Use your buds for all your calls, staying connected to your laptop and smartphone, with a handy notification if a call comes in on your mobile while you’re in a meeting on your laptop. So you can switch, switch and switch again.


Choose your tools wisely

  • Not all earbuds are created equal. Did you know some of them – like Evolve2 Buds – are actually certified for apps like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom?*
  • It all comes down to our professional-grade USB adapter – something non-certified headphones don’t have. Just use it to connect to your laptop, and voilà: a more stable connection and a significantly better experience on your UC platform.

*Evolve2 Buds are available in a Microsoft Teams-certified variant, and a UC variant


They work as hard as you do

  • In and out of calls, anywhere but the office and nowhere near a power source – most buds couldn’t hack it, but most buds weren’t built for hybrid working.
  • With their pocket-friendly case, they’re good for up to 33 hours. And if you somehow manage to use all of those, a super-rapid charge feature will win you back over an hour of power in just five minutes.


Reclaim your thinking space

  • Home offices in the school holidays. Co-working spaces. Airport departure lounges. The places you need to work are often noisy. Enter the winning combination of a snug, noise-isolating fit and Active Noise-Cancellation (ANC), to help you find a quiet moment whenever (and wherever) you need one.


Key Features

  • Certified for leading virtual meeting platforms
  • Jabra MultiSensor Voice™ for professional calls on the go
  • USB adapter enhances sound & connection
  • Ultra-compact design for maximum comfort
  • Up to 8 hours battery, 33 with the case and fast charge
  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)


What’s Included

  • Earbuds
  • Link 380 Bluetooth adapter
  • 3 sets of EarGels™
  • User documents
  • Charging case
  • USB-C to USB-A cable
  • Warranty and warning leaflet


  • Printing: 1C logo on 1 spot
  • MOQ: 100