La Jolie Muse Joie Scented Candle – Citronella (400g)


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Floral, fresh, and citrusy. Citronella cleanses and invigorates your space and makes a fantastic natural insect repellent. From balmy summer nights spent gazing at the stars to cheerful barbeque feasts, this is the quintessential summer scent that satisfies aesthetes and practical gift lovers alike.

A crisp, refreshing oil steam distilled from citronella grass with the power to elevate and protect. An ideal companion for year-round relief during moments of repose.

Made from 100% Pure Citronella Oil Extraction

Fragrance Notes: Citronella

Wax: Natural Vegan Wax
Vegan, cruelty-and-paraben-free and biodegradable

Wick(s): Dual Cotton Wicks

Weight: 14.1Oz/400g

Burn Time & Use: 40-50 hours
For the first burn, keep the candle burning for 4 hours to enjoy the delicate fragrance. Do not burn it for more than 4 hours at a time. Before each use, trim the wick to 4-5 mm

MOQ: 50

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