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OTO Kinetic Bike

You’re multitasking every day. How about multitasking in your workout too? The OTO Kinetic Bike allows you to do that by combining two exercises – rowing and cycling – in one machine, giving a workout to your upper and lower body, and giving a more efficient calorie burn. These two exercise routines are unique in that they are gentle on the joints. The OTO Kinetic Bike is an effective exercise device suitable for all ages, even the elderly and sedentary.


    • 249 $


  • Product Code: CGOBCKB1000S
  • Setup Dimension: L98 X B52 X H112 CM
  • Box Dimension: L85 X B20 X H61 CM
  • Net Weight: 18.0 KGS
  • Gross Weight: 20.0 KGS
  • Guarantee Period: 1 Year (Complimentary)

Unique Features:

  • Synchronized action handlebars combine cycling with rowing action.
  • Auto-rowing function ensures that both upper and lower parts of the body are exercised
  • Exercises the entire body thus results in more efficient calorie burning.
  • Easy-to-read LCD display to monitor speed, time, distance and calorie burned.
  • Tension control to suit all fitness levels.


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