Plantable Seed Pencil


Seed Pencils are a beautiful way to keep the earth healthy. After use, these eco-friendly pencils can be planted in soil and will grow into herbs!  A seed Pencil is a handmade pencil made with seeds infused in them.

It is a wood-free pencil, which is made up of recycled paper and has a water capsule that consists of seeds.

Pencil packaging can also be used as a bookmark.

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Usage: The outer body is as strong and comfortable as a regular pencil & The lead used is 2HB and the pencil responds normally to regular sharpeners.

Materials: Recycled paper, seeds

Seed Options: Mustard, coriander, tomato basil, okra, marigold, brinjal

Packaging: Single-sided full colour printed paper sleeve

MOQ: 100


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100, 200, 300, 500


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