SleekGrip Essential – Ultra Slim Phone Grip & Stand


New Matte Black x Jet Black SleekGrip is stylish and edgy with a smooth finish.

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All about SleekGrip Essential

  • Only 30 seconds to install SleekGrip
    Our concise video guide ensures a quick and easy installation with three adhesive tapes included for application.
  • Lightweight and Long-lasting
    SleekGrip is made of space-grade steel and plastic engineering base. Weighing at only 3.4g, SleekGrip is highly durable and light for everyday usage.
  • Hold and Support your Phone Safely
    The two-in-one SleekGrip provides a secure grip to hold your phone. Otherwise, use it as a stand for hands-free viewing.
  • Convenient and Compatible
    Fully compatible with most phone cases, car mounts, and wireless chargers, SleekGrip adheres to your phone perfectly.
  • New Style Everyday
    SleekGrip Premium and Essential are swappable, and this means the strip design can be swapped out to a new one as and when you like.


Explore Life with SleekGrip

  • Sleek Addition to your Ensemble
    SleekGrip’s modern and minimalist design elevates the aesthetic of your phone with all the functions and none of the bulkiness.
  • Hands-free Viewing
    Watch your shows and follow your recipe easily with SleekGrip’s dual angles of 75° and 30°.
  • Keep your Phone with Ease
    SleekGrip’s 3.0mm slim profile means sliding your phone in and out of your pockets easily.
  • No More Cracked Screen
    No more anxiety about dropping your phone by accident. Stay on the move and take a photograph any time with SleekGrip’s sturdy grip.


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MOQ: 200