Sudio E2 True Wireless Earphones


Spatial Audio with Dirac Virtuo™, Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation, Dual-beamforming microphones with Vividvoice technology

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Minimum order: 50 pieces

4 colours to choose from: Black, Chalk, Jade and Slate Grey

Next level sound
Sudio E2 is for those who choose to rise above. Elevate your listening experience with immersive Spatial Audio and captivating Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation. Enjoy clearer calls with beamforming VividVoice technology. It’s time to transcend limitations.

Making space
Spatial Audio with Dirac Virtuo™ – Sometimes space is a matter of perception. Become enveloped in three dimensional audio environments with Sudio E2’s Spatial Audio to experience sound coming from above, below, behind, or around you

Fuse Noise with Silence
Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation – Get a deeper immersive listening experience through hybrid active noise cancellation. By placing a microphone on both the inside and outside of the earbud, the Sudio E2 is able to utilize both feedback and feedforward active noise cancellation. It suppresses noise more accurately, and at a wider range of frequencies compared to previous generations of noise cancelling technology.

Be heard with VividVoice
Microphone technology – Make clearer calls with Sudio E2’s VividVoice technology. Dual-beamforming microphones isolate your voice, filtering out ambient sound, to ensure you come in loud and clear on important virtual meetings and phone calls. Plus with Transparency Mode, you can take calls or travel safely while remaining more aware of your surroundings. It’s the next evolution of noise cancellation.

Ergonomic design
Comfort fit for every ear – Your comfort matters. Tested and made for any ear from XS to L, Sudio E2 fits snugly without discomfort, ensuring an easy listening experience and a quality sound seal

Printing: UV logo on 1 Spot on Charging Box