THERMOS® JNL-505 Ultra-Light One-Push Tumbler (500ml)


Leak-proof, compact and weighs only 210 grams, this 500ml One-Push Tumbler has an innovative one-push button and lock ring for easy one-hand opening while its drinking spout is removable for thorough cleaning.

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  • Capacity : 500ml
  • Hot Insulation (6 hours) : 68℃ & above
  • Cold Insulation (6 hours) : 10℃ & below
  • Dimensions Width x Depth x Height (approx. cm) : 6.5 X 7.5 X 22.0
  • Weight (approx) : 210g
  • Colour : Snow Blue and White Gray
  • Printing: 1C or Laser engraving logo on 1 spot
  • MOQ: 100

Optional: Customized Slip-In Paper Sleeve

  • Material: 300gsm CIS
  • Printing: 4C x 0C
  • Post-press: Paste and slip in onto the individual packaging box
  • Unit Price: $2.50 + GST