Mistakes for Picking out Unmemorable Corporate Gift

Indeed, corporate gift imprints an impression on your clients and act as a reminder that you are always there. Thoughtless gifting, on the other hand, may not ideally leave an impression and possibly even get on the other end of the spectrum of tarnishing reputation.

These 3 brow knitting mistakes may seem reasonably expected to be considered, but you might just be surprised how often these basic pointers get lost in transit in the midst of a tight timeline and budget.

1. Wait…who are they?

Demographics of the attendees for an event can give you a good gauge of ideas and guidance to gifts you should and shouldn’t consider. Analyze your market and know who are the attendees for the event and whom you consider and invite into the circle of your target market.

You shouldn’t have to dig too deep for these information as you probably would be in the know since that is one of the considerations for participating in an event.

2. Thoughtless Process

Think marketability. Keeping in mind the purpose of encouraging business every step of the way. Relatable items and functionality of the product double up on promoting your brand. If you are promoting a fitness brand, consideration should include what they require before, during, and after engaging in sports. Widen your ideas by thinking through the process.

Dependent on B2B or B2C, picking out a product that is very much personalized or to be shared around, which has the possibility of a snowball effect. An example will be tissue packs as a product likely to be passed around.

3. Bargain shop

Bargain shop when you are on a tight budget is a common mistake to fall into that often compromises quality. Consider the products together with your budget. Come up with realistic products that suit your budget and find affordable gifts that are marketable and functional for your target market.

Avoid these mistakes and pick out what’s right for your company and save on unnecessary expenses that might cost you more because the product is invaluable. Think further, put some thought into corporate gifting in consideration of future value.

Reputation is at stake when you don’t give a thought to corporate gift-giving etiquette. Look out for it in our next article! Remember to subscribe 😉



One thought on “Mistakes for Picking out Unmemorable Corporate Gift

  1. I think you are right about personalizing the gift. That seems like it would have a greater impact on the receiver. I’ll have to make sure all of our gifts are engraved.

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