Why the Need for a Care Pack?

Being away and practicing social distancing from the people you love and care about be it your families, relatives, friends or colleagues can be harder than many of you thought it would be. Technology has undeniably made the situation a little better by allowing you to catch up and show your concern with each other through video calls.

Many articles have expressed concerns about people’s mental and physical state when cooped up at home. Sending a Care Pack can act as a helping hand to show extra love and thoughtfulness and keeping sure that your loved ones are not neglected. The littlest thing really does matter.

During this tough period, many businesses have been through turmoil and we have seen many smaller-sized businesses failing to recover. We are collaborating with local brands to keep them going and are offering Support Local Brand Pack during this difficult time. It is not merely a business, it is their livelihood where families are impacted financially, just like you and I.


Adding a personal touch for every occasion during COVID-19 be it a Welcome Onboard Pack, celebratory Congratulation Pack, get back to Immunity Pack, and many more, with a hand-written message alongside the nicely packaged pack hand-delivered to their door-steps.

Shop now for our specially curated Care Packs to enhance the well-being and to spread optimism and joy, cheer on, and boost the morale of your employees, customers, and loved ones.




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